Living Hope Haiti runs a feeding program in partnership with Feed My Starving Children, a Christian ministry headquartered in Minnesota.  In this effort, Feed My Starving Children donates 3.3 million meals per year to Living Hope Haiti, and we are responsible for shipping, distributing, and managing the proper use of these meals. We use the food for our daily lunch program at all of our schools, serving 1400 students and staff each day. We also distribute the food to a variety of schools and orphanages in our area. Part of our responsibility is to follow up and ensure that the food is used for kids that are hungry, and never sold on the open market. This food is an incredible blessing to the children of northern Haiti, as malnutrition is rampant in Haiti. The United Nations lists Haiti as one of the hungriest nations on earth.

The meals are specifically formulated by food scientists to combat malnutrition in kids. The meals are a wonderful blend of rice, soy protein, vitamins and minerals, and are flavored so that our kids love it.

We are grateful to Feed My Starving Children for their support in this effort. They are a fantastic organization to be in partnership with.


The story behind Living Hope Haiti and Feed My Starving Children:

Living Hope Haiti started in 2002 with an elementary school with 400 kids.  I noticed that many of the students were malnourished- their hair had an orange tint when it is usually complete black. We knew that malnourished kids cannot learn much in school - the body robs the brain of nutrition to keep the heart and other organs functioning. Because of that, we established a school lunch program.  All we could afford was rice and beans, with a Flintstone vitamin for each child every day. However, there was very little protein in their diet. 

For several years, our biggest expense was our food program. Yet, it was not eliminating the problem of malnutrition. A friend told me about “Feed My Starving Children” -  a Christian charity in Minneapolis, Minnesota that packaged food specifically designed to fight malnutrition in kids. We contacted them, and were accepted as a partner organization.

For each of the past several years, we have shipped an average of 3.2 million meals to Haiti. We now have 1400 students in 5 schools, and supply the Feed My Starving Children meals to a variety of other schools and orphanages in northern Haiti. It is a blessing to know that our students no longer suffer from malnutrition.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) is an incredible organization that will package over 230 Million meals this year for malnourished kids. They package most of their meals in Minneapolis using volunteers, and the meals are loaded into containers to be shipped overseas.  

You can see their work at FMSC.org. They are a top rated charity, earning four stars from Charity Navigator, and they have very little overhead. They are working hard to spread the message of God’s love throughout the world. We heartily endorse FMSC, and are one of their supporters.