Mission Statement


Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission exists to show the love of Jesus to the people of Northern Haiti (St Michel de L'Attalaye area) through educational, medical, economic development,  and a variety of related services.



The Country of Haiti

Haiti is widely recognized as the poorest country in the entire Western Hemisphere. 

More than 80% of the population lives in abject poverty and more than 70% of the people are unemployed. The United Nations has designated Haiti the 3rd hungriest country in the world with more than 40% of the rural population being malnourished.


How We Started

Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission was founded in 2002 by Rev Dr Gueillant Dorcinvil and Calvin Babcock. They started by building a Christian Elementary School - Mary Babcock Elementary - on six acres of land donated by Gueillant's father, Celiphene Dorcinvil. The location of this school, and the headquarters of the mission, is four miles northwest of St Michel de Attalaye in Northern Haiti.


The mission has grown over the years to include 5 schools, 4 churches, an orphanage, a guest house, a medical clinic, a visiting surgical program, and a variety of other programs.

Mary Babcock Elementary


We are excited about the work God is accomplishing for the Kingdom and we hope you will see the passion behind our work. Here are a few of the services we offer to the people of Haiti.


Medical Services

Orphanage and Outreach



Habitat for Humanity

Feeding Program





You can help by making a donation of any amount. The Donate button will take you to a secure site for tax deductible donation information. You will receive a confirmation after the donation has been made. If you have any questions please call or e-mail us right away.


If you would like to volunteer on any of our future trips, contact us and we will get back with you shortly about opportunities.

Please pray for the people of Haiti and our staff as we continue our efforts.

Working in Haiti is incredibly difficult for foreigners. Our mission is successful because of Rev Dorcinvil’s ability to administer our work in a manner that glorifies God.
— Calvin Babcock

Calvin and Gueillant make a great team. They credit the Lord for putting them together in 2002, when both felt the Lord's leading to start working in Haiti.


Calvin is the CFO for the organization, and has a strong background as a Christian businessman, having earned an MBA at Harvard.

Rev Dorcinvil has a PhD, and was recently elected Mayor of his hometown of St Michel.


Together, Calvin, Gueillant and their wives make a great team to guide Living Hope Haiti towards the future of helping more Haitians in Northern Haiti.


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