2016 End of Year Status Report

2016 was a difficult year for Haiti – there was a drought in the Spring, and Hurricane Matthew devastated the southern end of the island in the Fall.   However, Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission responded to the damaged areas by providing food and funds to help start the rebuilding process.

We also made substantial progress in improving the lives of the people we serve in St Michel de L'Attalaye in Northern Haiti. 2016 saw our president, Reverend Dr. Gueillant Dorsainvil, become mayor of St Michel, and start improving the City services dramatically.   We installed a pedestrian bridge in the southwest end of town so that people can come to town without having to walk through the river.

Our schools continued to excel, we hosted three surgical team trips, established a new Summer Feeding Program, hosted several medical clinic teams in St Michel, distributed almost 1000 Christmas backpacks to the children in our Elementary schools, conducted Drip Irrigation classes for farmers (complete with the irrigation kits), and provided a host of other services.

Additionally, the missionary family that serves with Living Hope, the Garretts, did a great job of connecting with the community through medical outreach and the programs listed above (the bridge, feeding program, orphanage, etc). There are many children who are alive today due to their interventions.

On the construction side of things, we completed several community bathrooms during 2016, and are working on the two new Orphanage homes, and a new community facility at the soccer field.

We are blessed to be able to work in Haiti, and your support makes it possible.   If you would like to make a year end donation to Living Hope Haiti, please visit our website at LivingHopeHaiti.com, or mail a check to Living Hope Haiti at 9350 SW 79 Avenue, Miami, Fl33156. We are still proud to state that we run the mission with no overhead.  I'm not sure how much longer we can do that, but it is a blessing for now.

We have developed a relationship with the National Christian Foundation, that allows us to accepts gifts of stock and other assets without any service charges.   So, if you would like to give in that manner, please contact me for the details.

Please contact me with any questions that you might have.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays...