2011 April Update

I am pleased to report that all of the work at Living Hope Haiti is progressing well! Our five schools continue to do well both academically and spiritually. The students are preparing for the end of the year exams, which are important to everyone. We continue to have the best test scores in our region. 

Our feeding program with Feed My Starving Children has re-started after a stoppage due to Haiti Customs Officials. We will provide over a Million meals this year in partnership with FMSC!

The new Church building at our headquarters is progressing nicely due to visits from UBC in Miami and Chap Dinkins from Ocala. The Church will be the nicest building in our area when completed. It will be beautiful.

Our surgical and medical efforts are doing well, with surgical visits from Miami Baptist in August, October, February and this coming June. Additionally, the surgical team from Central Florida Health Alliance (Leesburg and The Villages) has made several trips in the past six months. We thank all of the teams!

Our Orphanage is up to 20 youngsters currently, and all are doing well. We are hoping to install a solar panel lighting system for the kids in the next six months. You can see videos and pictures of the children at our website LivingHopeHaiti.com.   

Our Habitat for Humanity homes are progressing nicely, with four homes completed, and two more being started. We are working to repair the well that those homeowners will use when they move in very soon.

Our economic development activities are robust - our two grinders (one corn and one sugar cane) are both busy during harvest time, providing income to us, and a desperately needed service to the community. We are hoping to have a bakery up and running at this time next year. Haiti needs every job we can provide. 

Our mission President, Dr Dorcinvil, oversees all of our programs, including our new agricultural ministry. We have purchased land and are growing a crop that will be used to make Cassava Bread, which is a staple of the Haitian diet. We are installing a solar powered pump to create a water cistern at Trinity High. The pump works really well, and works for free (when the sun is shining).

You can see pictures and videos of many of the above projects at our website LivingHopeHaiti.com! There is a lot going on. As always - thank you for your prayers and your support!

Calvin Babcock