2013 July Update

We sent a team down to St Michel in June to complete a long list of projects:  putting in pews, installing stained glass-looking windows and a steeple in our new Church, installing a steel roof in front of our Technical School (so that a Church can use the building for services), setting up a radio station, putting solar lighting in our school classrooms, and working on irrigation for our agriculture ministry. I am pleased to say that the team made great progress on all of the projects.

 The radio station is operational, with a range of roughly 50 miles, which is fantastic. We will broadcast Christian music, weather updates, community news, and afternoon English lessons in the near future. We thank Rob Robbins of CallFM in Miami for overseeing this effort. He is the reason that folks will be hearing the Good News in Northern Haiti on 96.1 FM. We will be broadcasting full time as soon as we access the city's electrical grid to power the station.

 We have new pews and the stained glass in the Church. The improvements make it the nicest Church within 30 miles of our location. The beautiful pews were donated by a Church in Ocala.

 I have also attached a photo of the solar lights in the classrooms, which are soda bottles filled with water placed in the roof. You can see similar projects on YouTube. In the Fall, our kids will have more light in their classrooms.

 The team also installed a steel roof without any lifting equipment, which was amazing. Most importantly- no one was hurt during the trip! All in all - it was an incredible trip.

Dr Dorcinvil reports that we will have a summer school session in our three elementary schools from July 15 to August 15. This should enable the kids to get ahead. Dr Dorcinvil continues to do an outstanding job as President of Living Hope Haiti.

 Please contact me with any questions. Since this is Hurricane Season, please pray for Haiti when a storm approaches! As always, thank you for your support.  


Calvin Babcock